"Mind-Full" Collage Collection by CutZy McCall

"Mind-Full" Collage Collection by CutZy McCall

  • $299.00

"Mind-Full" is from the Collage series by CutZy McCall. Look carefully. There is often more than meets the eye in every one these whimsical and ironic works by the experimental tech modern artist. CutZy starts every work of art as a collage: gleaned from culture, fashion and other print media scrap, then digitally manipulates her images as a Tech Modern Fine art painting.

All prints are high-gloss metal Tech Modern Fine Art. All larger works are Limited Edition Prints, signed by the artist. (Every work comes with an attractive metal hanger.)

Please contact the seller for custom sizes and prices. The artist recommends 18”x24” for best show.*

*Please note: all sizes vary slightly, because each piece is an original, unique work of art.