The Product/Materials

Click on the CutZyArt slide show images from the Home Page that you feel resonate with you to own them now! You will receive a new product that is beyond your wildest dreams.

The images you choose will pop off your walls with attitude and sensuality. Your friends will want them. Your cat won't hurt them. They are unbreakable, nonscratchable prints on high-gloss aluminum, fused with the extremely lightweight and environmentally-friendly metal. They have a neat, 1/8" soddered hanger on the back, giving each stand-out work of art an elegant, 3-D shadow frame against the wall.

The days of lugging around heavily framed prints are gone with CutzyArt!

These works of art look particularly elegant by lamplight, the glossy aluminum projecting a sensual glow. Smooth and silky, they partner perfectly with any contemporary environment.

CutZyArt is in the vanguard of the evolutionary art experience. Like conceptual and performance artists, we are the new wave, making our stage debut in a few select places, among them and the Tech Modern Artists community on Google+.


Once you have spent some time with the art on the Home page slide show, and explored the many catgories of CutZyArt from which to choose, click on art work that you like. But them now and be quickly and efficiently guided to the PayPal shopping cart. When you have finished, you will receive an email confirmation of your purchase.

You have three size choices: Small (10" x 12"); Medium (16" x 22") and Large (18" x 24"). One category is for extra-large paintings suitable for big wall spaces. If you are interested in larger or custom sizes, or would prefer works on fine art paper that can also be framed, go to our contact page and give us a call. (Small tile sizes with bamboo stands are also available for desks and tables.)

Let us know if you want to purchase large orders at wholesale prices for restaurants, hotels, spas, building lobbies and shops. It's easy to do. Please note: because CutZyArt prints are original, unique paintings, they may have minute anomalies that aren't readily seen on your computer screen. These are actually meant to exist in the works, and give them a fullly artistic appearance you'll appreciate.