CutZy's Message For You

It's light-weight, it's practical, it's not expensive, and it's fine art. "Go for it," I told myself. "Don't hold back. Don't be boring. Make a splash. Don't be afraid to be new and controversial. Don't take a back seat to the traditional tools of art that were used in the past simply because we didn't have access to current technology."

The reason that most traditional contemporary artists are not doing this work is because they have not been able to master the tools of computer art technology. This does not make them less talented than Tech Modernists. However, it does require that we Tech Modernists show you how far we've advanced in creating work that has a place in the history of fine art. It's time to take art to the limit, to people who want a real change, something new and drop dead gorgeous for their living and working environments.

I have done traditional art work for many years. But now, I have gone further, into realms of visual creation artists of the past could only dream about. What you see here is a lifetime of experimentation with a variety of traditional painting and drawing techniques, but taken to a new level - the level of Tech Modernism.

My daily goal is to reach the limits of my imagination. I invite you to take this journey of visual amazement with me. This is not post-modernism. This is infinite modernism, a vision of the future, always new, always discovering. Sit back and watch the Tech Modern Universe unfold. Display it on your walls, and watch people react to your cutting-edge, fine art collection, dazzled not only by what they see but by the image that you project. You will feel like the world-class art connoisseur that you are, with your ever-changing, astonishing, Tech Modern fine art collection.

Yours Always in Love and Art,

CutZy McCall