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All work is on eco-friendly, high-gloss aluminum.


CutZyART - Lips


Seductive, playful "Lips" make any room inviting.

Do you have a space in your home that you would like to be uniquely warm and inviting in an intimate way? Are you the owner of a hip, sexy new nightclubt? If so, CutZy's 'Lips' series is perfect for you. Don't pass them up. "Smooch" is the operative sound, to put everyone in the mood.

What they are saying about CutZy's art:

"Wow! It's a total trip!"

"You make profoundly evocative use of form and erotic suggestions!"

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You're a sensualist, but everything you love, including the art on

your walls, is tasteful and charming.  CutZy's Lips will create an

alluring atmosphere in all your personal spaces.

CutZyART - Lips - 1550
CutZyART - Lips - 1481
CutZyART - Lips - 1453
CutZyART - Lips - 1454
CutZyART - Lips - 1456