High Gloss Paper Frameable Print 8.5 x 11

7x11 inch $45

High Gloss Aluminum Desk Tile With Bamboo Stand

4x7 inch $60

Small High Gloss Aluminum

All small-to-large metal prints are on high gloss aluminum.
7x12 inch $125

Artisanal Paper, Frameable Print (comes rolled in tube)

14x24 inch $600

Medium/Large High Gloss Aluminum

14x24 inch $700

Ltd. Edition Extra Large High Gloss Aluminum 1/10

Ltd. Edition 1/450 - Contains authentication stamp.
27x45 inch $5000

Large (Custom) Square High Gloss Aluminum

Limited Edition 1/250. Contains authentication stamp.
29x48 inch $8000

Extra-Large Ltd. Ed. High Gloss Aluminum

1/25 Ltd. Edition. Contains authentication stamp.
43x72 inch $10000

Free shipping
Final size can vary up to 1/2 inch
Custom sizes, paper prints and frames on request